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Mercedes-Benz LA1313/36, 4 x 4, 24V, D (Side view, left side)


Side view, left side

Picture courtesy of Royal Signals Historical Collection, Fredericia


Mercedes LA1313 shown as FACON used by the former 6th Danish Signal Battalion in Randers. The shown vehicle is 1 of 4 NATO-founded FACONīs acquired in 1976. 2 were mounted on LA1313/36 and 2 on LA911/36 chassis.
The trailer is a 2 x 20 kW generator powered by 2 4-cylinder DEUTZ air cooled diesel engines. The battalion had 9 such generators, which were taken over from an American NATO-unit based in Germany.
The FACONīs were used to control and switch all telephone-, teletype- and radio-circuits in the battalion. The Italian produced Piaggio-shelter contained a 1 kW HF-radiostation for communication between the FACONīs, a 12-channel ZAG mini-MUX from Norwegian Elektrisk Bureau, 10 1-channel SPEECH PLUS BELL, 7
FSK-Key converters, 2 10-lines DeTeWe manual switches and 2 DIAL-UNITS for PTT-lines.
Besides the above mentioned equipment the shelters contained measuring equipment, 2 Siemens teletypes and 41 MERK-modules for circuit-switching.
The battalion was closed in 1993.

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