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Below is a list containing the most common abbreviations used:

AA = Anti Aircraft

ABS = Anti Lock-Brake

ADT = Articulated Dump Truck

ACAV = Armoured Cavalry Assault Vehicle

ACP = Armoured Command Post

ACV = Armoured Command Vehicle

AFV = Armoured Fighting Vehicle

AP = Armoured Piercing

APC = Armoured Personnel Carrier

ARV = Armoured Recovery Vehicle

AVRE = Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers

AT = Anti Tank

ATGW = Anti Tank Guided Weapon

AUTOKO = AUTOmatisches stamKOrps netz (Automatic Corps network)

AVLB = Armoured Vehicle, Launched Bridge

AWD = All Wheel Drive

BARV = Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle

BRITCON = British Contingent

CBRN = Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear

CFV = Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

CHU = Container Handling Unit

CKD = Completely Knocked-Down

CMP = Canadian Military Pattern

CBE = Cab Before Engine

COE = Cab Over Engine

COMBALTAP = COMmander BALTic APproaches

CST = Close Support Tanker

CP = Command Post

CTIS = Central Tyre Inflation System

CWS = Control and Warning System

DAISY = Danish Automated Intercept and Direction Finding System

DALLADS = Danish Army Low Level Air Defence System

DAMC = Danish Army Material Command

DANBAT = Danish Battalion

DANCON = Danish Contingent

DEOS = Dansk Eurocom Område Signalsystem (= Danish Eurocom Area Communications System)

DIB = Danske Internationale Brigade, den (= Danish Reaction Brigade)

DSB = Double-Side-Band

ECM = Electronic Counter Measure

EOD = Explosive Ordnance Disposal

ETS = Elevated TOW System

EMP = Electro Magnetic Pulse

FAASV = Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle

FAC = Forward Air Controller

FACON = Facility Control

FARE = Forward Area Refuelling Equipment

FAT = Field Artillery Tractor

FC = Forward Control

FDIC = Fire Direction Center

FFW = Fitted For Wireless

FV = Fighting Vehicle

FWD = Four Wheel Drive

GCW = Gross Combination Weight

GMC = General Motors Corporation

GPS = Global Positioning System

GS = General Service

GTW = Gross Train Weight

GVW = Gross Vehicle Weight

GW = Guided Weapon

HE = High Explosive

HET = Heavy Equipment Transporter

HEAT = High Explosive Anti-Tank

HEMTT = Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

HMMWV = High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

HQ = HeadQuarter

IED = Improvised Explosive Device

IFOR = Implementation FORce

IFV = Infantry Fighting Vehicle

IR = Infra-Red

ISO = International Standards Organisation

KFOR = Kosovo FORce

LAA = Light Anti Aircraft

LAN = Local Area Network

LANDJUT = Allied Land Forces Schleswig-Holstein and JUTland

LHD = Left Hand Drive

LMG = Light Machine Gun

LTU = Line Termination Unit

LVT = Landing Vehicle, Tracked

LWB = Long Wheel-Base

MAP = Military Assistance Program (US; from early 1960´s)

MBT = Main Battle Tank

MEDEVAC = Medical Evacuation

MDAP = Mutual Defense Aid Program (US; until early 1960´s)

MBT = Main Battle Tank

MCV = Mine Clearing Vehicle

MG = Machine Gun

MICV = Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle

MLC = Military Loading Class

MLRS = Multiple Launch Rocket System

MPV = Mine Protected Vehicle

MRTFL = Medium Rough Terrain Fork Lift

MTU = Motoren- und Turbinen Union

MUTT = Military Utility Tactical Truck

MV = Military Vehicle

NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC = Nuclear-, Biological- and Chemical warfare

NC = Normal Control

NORDPOLBDE = Nordic-Polish Brigade (a multinational brigade within Task Force Eagle)

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

PCM = Pulse Code Modulation

PKD = Partially Knocked Down

POL = Petrol, Oil and Lubricants

PTO = Power Take Off

QMC = QuarterMaster Corps (US)

RHD = Right Hand Drive

RPM = Rotations Per Minute

RTFL = Rough Terrain Fork Lift

SAM = Surface-to-Air Missile

SFOR = Stabilization FORce

SP = Self Propelled

SPG = Self Propelled Gun

SPAAG = Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun

SPH = Self Propelled Howitzer

SPM = Self Propelled Mortar

SSB = Single-Side Band

SSM = Surface-to-Surface Missile

SWB = Short Wheel Base

SWL = Safe Working Load

SYCON = SYstem Control

TACP = Tactical Air Control Party

TAR = Tactical Aircraft Refueller

TARE = Tape Automatic Relay Equipment

TC = Tank Commander

TD = Tank Destroyer

TOC = Tactical Operations Center

TOW = Tube-launched, Optically tracked Wire-guided missile

TWMP = Track Width Mine Plough

UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UN = United Nations

UNCIVPOL = United Nations CIVilian POLice

UNFICYP = United Nations Forces In Cyprus

UNPROFOR = United Nations Protection Force

WAN = Wide Area Network

WAPC = Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier

WD = War Department

WWII = World War II

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