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Walter Chrysler becomes works manager for Buick Motor Car Co. in Flint, Michigan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of
General Motors Company.

General Motors Co. becomes General Motors Corporation and acquires Buick as its first division.

Buick names Walter Chrysler president and general manager.

Walter Chrysler becomes first vice president of General Motors Corp. in charge of manufacturing, in addition to his responsibilities with Buick.

Walter Chrysler retires from General Motors at age 45.

Willys-Overland Co. woos Chrysler out of retirement within months to become executive vice president of the company.

Maxwell Motor Car Co. Inc. persuades Walter Chrysler to become chairman of its Reorganization and Management Committee to revitalize the struggling company.

Maxwell Motor Car becomes Chrysler Corporation with Walter Chrysler as president on June 6.

Chrysler Corp. buys
Dodge Brothers, Inc. and begins production of the De Soto and Plymouth.

Chrysler Corp. grows to become one of the automotive Big Three.

Chrysler introduces the radically-styled Chrysler Airflow and De Soto Airflow vehicles.

Walter Chrysler resigns the Chrysler Corp. presidency, but remains chairman of the board June 22.

Chrysler Mexico and Chrysler de Mexico S.A. begin operations.

Walter Chrysler dies on August 18.

1945 - 1947
Chrysler supplies more than $3.4 billion in military equipment including approximately 500,000 Dodge trucks to the U.S. and Allied forces during World War II. Chrysler's
Sherman M4 tank is the main combat vehicle of the U.S. and its allies.

1947 - 1950 Chrysler increases post-war production and adds 11 plants.

K.T. Keller becomes chairman of the board, November 3.
By the end of the Korean Police Action, Chrysler participates in 31 government projects worth more than $1.1 billion.

Chrysler's engineering department develops the famous "Hemi" V-8 engine.

Chrysler manufactures Jupiter space exploration missiles for the U.S. Army.

Chelsea Proving Grounds open, near Ann Arbor, Mich.
Revolutionary gas turbine engine vehicle program begins.

Chrysler expands its business internationally through the International Operations Group, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Plymouth introduces the Valiant, one of the world's first compact cars.

L. L. Colbert becomes chairman of the board, April 29.

George H. Love named chairman of the board, September 21.

Lynn A. Townsend named chairman of the board, January 1.

Chrysler imports and distributes small passenger cars and trucks built by its Japanese partner, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (MMC) under the Dodge and Plymouth brand names.

John J. Riccardo becomes chairman, October 1.

U.S. Army awards Chrysler a $4 billion contract for building XM-1 tanks.

Chrysler Chairman John Riccardo hires Lee A. Iacocca as president, November 2.

The Chrysler board of directors elects Iacocca as chairman on September 20.

President Carter signs the Chrysler Corp. Loan Guarantee Act into law, providing Chrysler $1.5 billion in federal loan guarantees, January 7.
Chrysler sells Marine Division.
Iacocca first appears in Chrysler advertising in July.
Chrysler introduces the Aries and the Reliant, code named K-car in September.

Aries and Reliant production begins in October.
Chrysler sells the Defense Division to General Dynamics.

Chrysler introduces the 5/50 Warranty Protection Plan.
Chrysler begins plans for new Chrysler Technology Center.

Chrysler pays off the federal loan guarantees seven years early in August.
Production of Chrysler's minivans begins. The Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager introduce a brand-new market segment, November 2.

Chrysler resumes paying common stock dividends in April.
Chrysler acquires 15.6 percent equity in Italian luxury car manufacturer, Officine Alfieri Maserati SpA.
Chrysler Corp. reorganizes into a holding company with Chrysler Motors, Chrysler Financial, Gulfstream Aerospace,& Chrysler Technologies

Chrysler and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. form Diamond-Star Motors Corp.

The 7/70 Warranty Protection Plan begins.

Chrysler Motors purchases Nuova Automobili F. Lamborghini SpA.
Chrysler acquires American Motors Corp., the fourth largest domestic automotive company, for $800 million. Chrysler acquires Jeep®, three auto assembly plants, 1,600 dealerships and the joint-venture Beijing Jeep Corp., in Beijing, China.
Eagle brand is launched, the first new Chrysler brand name since 1928.
Chrysler acquires Electrospace Systems Inc., which manufactures and installs tactical and intelligence systems for aircraft, ships and missiles.
Chrysler re-enters the European market.
Chrysler's Component Business Operations becomes Acustar, a wholly-owned subsidiary that manufactures automotive components.

Diamond-Star Motors. a joint-venture with Mitsubishi Motors Corp., begins production in Normal, Illinois.
Fiat and Chrysler sign an agreement to distribute Alfa Romeo vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems begins operations.
Chrysler signs joint venture letter with Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Austria to build minivans for the European market in December.

Chrysler Technologies sold.
Chrysler and General Motors form New Venture Gear in joint venture, the first joint venture between domestic automotive companies.
The Pentastar Transportation Group, Inc. is formed including four rental companies: Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc., Snappy Car Rental, Inc., Dollar Rent A Car Systems, Inc. and General Rent-A-Car, Inc.
Chrysler acquires Technologies Airborne Systems.
Chrysler begins a $1 billion cost-cutting and restructuring program, focuses on automotive business.

Chrysler sells its equity in Mitsubishi Motor Company.
First minivan comes off the Eurostar assembly line in Austria in October.
Iacocca dedicates the Chrysler Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Mich., a $1 billion investment

Board of directors names Robert J. Eaton vice chairman and chief operating officer, to become chairman and chief executive officer January 1, 1993, following the retirement of Lee Iacocca, March 16.
Chrysler dedicates the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, a $1.6 billion investment to manufacture Jeep® Grand Cherokees, March 31.
Austrian Eurostar minivan plant is dedicated and official production begins in April.
Chrysler introduces the Dodge Viper, a 2-seat V-10 roadster, Chrysler's first vehicle designed by a platform team.
Chrysler introduces a new line of family sedans with innovative cab-forward design: the Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid and Eagle Vision.

Sold 2.5 million cars and trucks, up 14% from 1992.
Chrysler celebrated the 10th anniversary of the minivan and in December sold the 4 millionth minivan -- a Dodge Grand Caravan.
Chrysler sold Nuova Automobili F. Lamborghini SpA and its subsidiaries to MezaTech Ltd.

Set a company record for retail sales in the U.S. and Canada of 2,451,747 units and world wide sales totaled 2,762,10-3 units.
Highest net earnings of $3.7 billion, highest pretax earnings of $5.8 billion and highest revenues of $52.2 billion, which beat the 1993 record earnings.
Chrysler sells its Acustar Electrical Wiring Division to a U.S. subsidiary of Yazaki Corporation.
Production of the Jeep Grand Cherokee began in Austria.
Chrysler exits Marine and industrial business -- Marine & Industrial Operations in Beaver Dam. Wis.

Best retail and total sales performance in Chrysler's history spawns 19 separate all-time car and truck records.
Chrysler expands presence in Japan with $100 million distribution investment.
Chrysler's electric powered car, the Patriot, wins the Discover award for technological innovation.
1996 Dodge Caravan is the first minivan to win Motor Trend "Car of the Year" award.
Chrysler Corporation announces plans to build its own manufacturing plant in Argentina.
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wins 4 Wheel and Off Road's 1996 "4X4 of the Year" award.
Chrysler and city of Detroit celebrate Grand Opening of first minority supplier in the empowerment zone.
Chrysler breaks ground for new V-6 Engine Plant.
Chrysler Corporation drives onto the internet.

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee wins 1996 "Four Wheeler of the Year" award from Four Wheeler Magazine.
Dodge Ram 50 heads JD Power and Associates vehicle dependability survey in compact pickup segment.
Robert J. Eaton dedicates the World Headquarters building, a 15 story office complex crowned by a 2 story Pentastar in June.
Chrysler sells Electrospace Systems, Inc. and Chrysler Technologies Airborne systems, Inc. for $475 million.
Chrysler is selling vehicles in over 100 countries worldwide, compared with 22 countries in 1991.
Chrysler sells its millionth vehicle of the calendar year at the earliest point ever for the company.
Jeep Cherokee, Chrysler's biggest seller worldwide has 56% increase in first period sales compared with 1995.
Chrysler breaks ground for the Chrysler Historical Museum.
Chrysler introduces the Plymouth Prowler.
Chrysler introduces three all new aluminum engines designed for the next generation passenger vehicles.
The 1997 Dodge Dakota wins the following awards: "Automobile of the Year" by Automobile Magazine, "Sport Truck of the Year" by Sport Truck Magazine, "Truck of the Year" by Off-Road Magazine, and "Truck of Texas" by Texas Auto Writers Association.

Chrysler International and the Louwman Group agreed to return to Chrysler its distribution rights in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
Chrysler wins the Arthur Page Society National Award for the safety campaign, "The Back Is Where It's At!"
Chrysler introduces the 1998 Dodge Durango, a compact sport utility vehicle.
Chrysler announces it will discontinue the Eagle Brand after the 1998 model year.
Chrysler introduces the redesigned 1998 Chrysler Concorde and 1998 Dodge Intrepid.
Chrysler opens a Singapore office in the Asia Pacific Headquarters.
Chrysler researches Fuel Cell Technology which improves fuel efficiency by 50 percent and is 90 percent cleaner. It ultimately produces electricity on-board the vehicle via a five-step process.
Chrysler introduces the Dodge Intrepid ESX, a hybrid electric vehicle.
CCV (Composite Concept Vehicle) is introduced by Chrysler at the Frankfurt Auto Show. CCV is the first modern vehicle to combine efficiency, affordability and utility through an easy-to-assemble, manufacturing-driven design and the industry's most advanced form of thermoplastic injection molding.

Robert Lutz retires at the age of 66.
Quadra-Drive four-wheel drive system is introduced on the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
It is the first time this advanced system, a combination of the second generation Quadra-Trac II transfer case and Vari-Lok progressive front and rear axle differentials, is offered on any sport-utility vehicle world-wide.
Chrysler and
Daimler-Benz AG agree to combine their businesses in a merger of equals.
Chrysler introduces the all-new 300M sedan, continuing the legacy of its "letter series" cars made from 1955 to 1965.

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