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The Dodge Brothers company was founded by 2 brothers, John F. and Horace in 1910. The company produced automotive components, but in 1914 the first car was produced. Following the death of the two brothers the company was sold in 1920, and linked up with Graham Brothers of Evansville, who had supplied cabs and bodies for Dodge trucks.
In 1922 Dodge Bros. (Britain) was set up in Fulham, London as a subsidiary of it´s American mother company. At first it marketed American vehicles including commercials, but in 1932 a British 2 ton truck was in production.
Graham Brothers was absorbed by Dodge Brothers in 1927, and next year the company was sold to
Bigger trucks (up to 7½ ton) became available, but from the 1930´s emphasis was laid on light to medium trucks. The company name was shortened to Dodge in 1936.
Dodge was a major supplier of trucks during WW II, well known for the 1/2 ton and 3/4 tons series.
After the war heavier trucks was introduced, but is was´nt until 1960 that full size trucks became available. Dodge´s presence on the heavy market was relative brief, and in 1975 the company decided to pull out of the full size truck market and concentrate on light commercials.

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