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Magirus MP260E37W, 6 x 6, 24 V, D (rear view, right side)


Rear view, right side

Picture courtesy of Martin Pagh, Horsens


Shown is a Medium Range Sensor (MRS) as a part of a Danish developed computerized air-defense system called DALLADS. The system comprises an active and a passive mobile battalion command center controlled by the Air Defence Element Terminal (ADET). Each battalion command center consist of a MRS and an Air Defence Battalion Control Center (ADBCC) which controls a large numbers of batteries and fire units. The fire units are based on Stinger missiles.
The RAC 3D radar from Thomson-CSF used in this system is designed for accurate three-dimensional detection of small aircraft and hovering helicopters. This radar offers see-through capability, in spite of ground and atmospheric clutter and resistance to electronic countermeasures. The radar has a range of 100 km for moving targets and can track hovering helicopters up to 40 km.
The system has a build-in IFF Mk XII (Identify Friend or Foe) and GPS.
The Short Range Sensor (SRS) is mounted on a
MAN 8.136 FAE.

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