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Mack NM, 6 x 6, 6/12V (Rear view, left side)


Rear view, left side

Picture from Danish Army Publication

Danish Army Specific: The Canadians made a post-war upgrade on some NMs, comprising new Mack commercial cab, headlights, enlarged brush guard.etc. Some were donated to the French Army, and it is most likely the that Danish vehicles came from the same batch. 2 such vehicles were procured in the period 1954 to 1957 via the MDAP.
The shown vehicle was used as a chemical lab used to determine types of chemical agents used on the battlefield. The trailer, which is a M104, contained a JAP generator set and other material. The body appears to be locally produced.
It is not possible to determine the exact designation of the vehicle. Due to the fact that a pintle hitch is mounted at the front, the vehicle is in the NM-4 to NM-8 range.
The 2 vehicles were finally disposed off in 1976.
: Macks first military 6 x 6 (NM-1) appeared in early 1940. The
QMC initially ordered 87 which were cargo/prime mover trucks intended for hauling AA guns and crews. A second order for 107 units, designated NM-2, followed in February 1940. Corbitt had developed a similar model, sharing the same transfer case and axles. Mack used its newly introduced Commercial L model cab. Engine and gearbox, too, were Macks own.
In 1941 further 104 NM-series cargo/prime mover trucks were produced. Compared to its predecessor, the NM-3 differed in several details. It was the last of the NMs with an enclosed cab, later models having the soft-top open type.
With the US involved directly in WW II, the NM became available for defence aid (Lend-lease). Now designated NM-5 and NM-6 the trucks were given a soft-top cab with folding windscreen for tactical reasons, and to simplify
PKD shipment to save valuable shipping space.
Main recipient was the UK with 2.382 delivered.
As the war went on further trucks were required and 2 new batches, the NM-7 and NM-8 respectively, were produced in 1944 and 1945.
After the war ended many NMs went to various other UN member states.
A total of 7.236 NMs were produced at an average sales price of $ 8.500 a piece.
Length: 7.70 m (300 inches).
Width: 2.90 m (113 inches).
Height: 3.60 m (140 inches).
Weight: 12.500 kg (27.500 lb.).
: Own 6-cylinder (Mack EY), 11.588 cm3 (707 cubic inches) displacement, liquid cooled.
Horsepower: 170 at 2.100 rpm.
Transmission: 5-speed Mack TR36 gearbox.
Transfer case: 2 speed, Timken-Detroit T77.
Electrical system: 6 volt (12 volt starting).
Brakes: Air.
Tyres: 10.00 - 22.
Fording depth:
without preparation: N/A.
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Petrol.
Fuel capacity: N/A.
Range: N/A.
Crew: N/A.
Additional: The EY engine was a militarised version of the Mack Thermodyne EY. The trucks normally carried a Gar Wood capstan winch behind the cab.

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