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M5 (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

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Danish Army Specific: 16 IHC M5 half-track were delivered in 1946. They soldiered on in the army until the early 1960, when superseeded by the M113-family.
: The M5 from IHC has a welded body, rather than the bolted body of the M3 half-track. The rear corners are rounded, where as the others has square corners, and the fenders are flatter in cross-section. The rear mounts 2 bumperettes. The mine-rack holds 12 anti-tank mines each side of the vehicle. A camouflage netting was often placed on the fenders.
Very few parts are interchangeable between the 2 series, and for this reason most of the M5s went for lend-lease purposes.
The M5 was standardised in June 1942 and the first vehicles delivered from the IHC Springfield, Ohio, truck plant in January 1943. When the M49 ring mount for the 12.7 mm machine gun was introduced in August 1943, the designation changed to M5A1.
Another versions of the IHC produced half-track was the M14 and M17 Gun Motor Carriages armed with the Maxon M33 twin 12.7 mm machine gun mount and M45 quad 12.7 mm machine gun mount respectively.
The M5A1 remained in production until March 1944, at which time all IHC half-track production was halted. In total 4.625 M5 and 2.989 M5A1s were produced.
For more history of the half-tracks see the
Length: 6.32 m (249 inches).
Width: 2.21 m (87 inches).
Height: 2.74 m (108 inches).
Weight: 9.225 kg (20.500 lb.).
: 13 mm (0.5 inches) max.
: 6-cylinder Diamond Red-450-B, 7.391 cm3 (451 cubic inches) displacement, liquid cooled.
Horsepower: 143 at 2.600 rpm.
Transmission: 4-speed.
Transfer case: 2 speed.
Electrical system: 12 volt, negative ground.
Brakes: Hydraulic, vacuum assisted.
Tyres: 8.25 - 20.
Fording depth:
without preparation: 0.81 m (32 inches).
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Petrol.
Fuel capacity: 260 liter (57 gallons).
Range: 420 km (260 miles)/320 km (200 miles).
Crew: 2 + 11.
Armament: 1 cal. .50 machine-gun.
Additional: 4.5 ton (10.000 lb.) winch capacity.
IHC M5 mortar carrier (104 kb)

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