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Landsverk Lynx, 4 x 4 (Side view, left side)


Side view, left side

Picture courtesy of The Guard Hussar Regiment Historical Collection

Danish Army Specific: See "historical".
: In 1937 one of AB Landsverk's projects were an armoured car with capability to manoeuver in terrain. It was a vehicle with 4 x 4 drive, and drivers in both directions. The chassis were of "self-carrying" type, and the vehicle had special suspension system. The armoured cars design was symmetrical, allowing the engine to be fitted on the left side in the middle of the vehicle.
The first drawings of the Lynx armoured car shows the vehicle with an early L-60 turret housing a 20mm Madsen L/60 automatic cannon and a co-axially mounted 8mm Madsen MG. In addition there were an additional two Madsen MGs to the side of both drivers. The crew totalled 6 men, and the vehicle was quite roomy. (Crew - Commander, 2 drivers, 3 gunners). Total weight were estimated to 6.500kg - 7.000kg. It was powered by a 6-cylinder Scania-Vabis type 1664 engine, providing some 142hp giving the vehicle a maximum speed of 80km/h. The solid tires were bullet-proof.
At this time the Danish army were forming two armoured car squadrons for the cavalry regiments; one at Garderhusarregimentet in Naestved and the other at Jydske Dragonregiment in Randers and the search for a armoured vehicle did´nt stop with the Landsverk 180. They were haunting AFVs which could be supplied rapidly, and as Hærens Tekniske Korps and AB Landsverk together modified the turret construction so that radio equipment could be fitted, the Danes had a vehicle suitable for their needs. The Danes compared the Lynx with other AFVs such as Alvis Straussler AC III, and found the earlier to be the best.
Even though it was a rather expensive vehicle, the possibilities of quick delivery were decisive as the Danish army decided to acquire the Lynx armoured car. The Danes commission plan counted 18 vehicles, cut in half between the two regiments. Each armoured car company were split up in three troops with three vehicles each, and a troop equipped with
Nimbus motorcycles.
However, Danish economy were troublesome and the first order signed in December 1938, only included three armoured cars. The cost of each vehicles were some 125.000:- DKr. These vehicles are delivered to Garderhusarregimentet in April of 1939. The armament was not installed before they had arrived, and they were not fully combat ready until the autumn. They received the Danish designation PV M 39 and license-numbers PV 9, PV 10 and PV 11. The foreign political pressure forced the Danes to sign a second contract of another nine Lynx armoured cars in May 1939, and in February 1940 another six were ordered to complete the armoured car squadrons.
Delivery was delayed and after Denmark had been occupied by Germany on April 9th 1940, Swedish authorities kept the vehicles. As replacement Sweden offered deliverance of the Landsverk 182 instead. Denmark chose in February 1941 to cancel the contract for the 15 cars and suggested the order converted to steel for the Danish Naval Shipyard instead. We were paid a check !
The three Danish Lynx never saw combat, and at noon on April 9th Danish government told the army to lay down their arms. The vehicles are used some between 1940-43, although they spent most of their time at the workshop. The Danish army were officially dissolved on August 23rd 1943 and the Danish Lynx disappears. Eventually they saw service with a German police unit on the Eastern front or in Norway towards the end of the war. Further fate unknown.
Length: 5.21 m (203 inches).
Width: 2.25 m (88 inches).
Height: 2.15 m (84 inches).
Weight: 7.800 kg (17.160 lb.).
: 13 mm max.
: 6-cylinder, Scania-Vabis type 1664, 7.750 cm3 (473 cubic inches).
Horsepower: 142.
Transmission: 5-speed.
Transfer case: N/A.
Electrical system: N/A.
Brakes: Hydraulic, vacuum boosted.
Tyres: Bullet proof solid cushion tyres.
Fording depth
without preparation: N/A.
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Petrol.
Fuel capacity: N/A.
Range: 200 km (125 miles).
Crew: 6.
Armament: One 20 mm machine gun, three 8 mm machine guns. 195 rounds were carried to the 20 mm gun and 2.160 rounds for the 8 mm guns
Additional: More about the Lynx can be read at "
Landsverk Lynx - Another armoured car from AB Landsverk" by Thorleif Olsson

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