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The brand name VIBROMAX – a name which is synonymous with the idea of dynamic soil compaction – constitutes a combination of the words "Vibration Maximal". The company was founded in the year 1870. In 1932, a patent for an "Apparatus for the compaction of soils" was granted to the company, then operating under the name Losenhausen Maschinenbau GmbH.
This was the time when the brand name VIBROMAX came into being. Vibromax machines became quickly established in the international markets as units renowned for their optimum compaction performance and innovative compaction technology.
Vibromax has continued to pursue the idea of "maximum vibration", incorporating this concept in a complete range of products designed for a multitude of applications.
Besides production facilities in
Gatersleben near Quedlinburg in Germany, Vibromax has subsidiaries in North America and Asia.

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