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The Paige story begins with Harry Mulford Jewett, 1870 - 1933. After making a success in the Detroit coal business at the turn of the century Jewett decided to get into automobiles. In the summer of 1909 he found a two-stroke, three-cylinder 25 HP roadster that was being promoted by Frederick O. Paige, who had been the president of the Reliance Motor Car Company before General Motors bought it. Harry Jewett gathered a small group of Detroit businessmen, who agreed to pool their combined talent and resources to produce a car.
The Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company built the Paige between 1909 and 1927 to the highest standards of production engineering for its day. Paige-Detroit also manufactured Paige trucks, 1918-1923, and the Jewett light six, 1922-1926. Sales topped 30,000 for most years. Peak production of 43,500 vehicles occurred in 1923. Cumulative 1910-1927 production was perhaps 400,000.
The Paige gained a reputation for graceful styling and good performance. A smaller companion car was introduced in 1922, named after the president and founder, Harry Jewett.
In 1927, Jewett decided he had had enough of the auto business and sold the company to the Graham brothers, Joseph B., Robert C., and Ray A., who reorganized it as Graham-Paige Motors Corp.

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