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Over the years soldiers from the Danish army has operated vehicles not owned by the Danish armed forces in missions around the world. Typically the vehicles have been provided from the United Nations, or been leased from another contingent in the mission. Some examples are mentioned below.

UNFICYP (Cyprus):
In the early years of the mission soldiers from B-COY in Skouriotissa operated
Ferret scout cars from the British forces on Cyprus. Also early in the mission some Humber Pigs, Bedford RL´s and Landrover 109 SII were used by the Danish Contingent.
At least one armoured Bedford RL were used in the mid and late 1970s, stationed at C-COY in Limniitis.
Later on all coys operated vehicles like
Landrover 88, Half Ton and Bedford MJP2 which were leased from the British.

UNIKOM (Kuwait):
In Kuwait the Danish Contingent operated at least one MAN KAT 1 truck.

UNPROFOR (Croatia):
In Croatia the Danish Contingent had a mine protected truck, which were most probably a
Wolf produced in Namibia. The vehicle, which had been delivered through the United Nations, were primarily used by the engineers.

SFOR (Bosnia-Herzegovina):
The Danish Logistic Coy from DANBAT near Doboj operated 2 Swedish owned
Scania prime movers to transport Leopard 1 MBT´s belonging to C-SQN. The prime movers belonged to the Swedish Battalion (SWEBAT) situated in the Tuzla area.

UNPREDEP (Macedonia):
In Macedonia the Danish soldiers used a SISU XA-180 APC to perform patrols in the area.

ISAF (Afghanistan):
Some 40 Cougar MRAP´s have been loaned from the US forces in order to increase protection for the personnel during rotation between camps and patrol bases. Besides transport duties the Cougar can be used as a patrol vehicle. First deliveries took place in Camp Bastion early 2011.

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