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Morris-Commercial was based in Birmingham, and was one of the branches of William Morris´s Nuffield Organization. The company had been established in 1924, when Morris purchased the assets, premises and name of E.G. Wrigley & Company, suppliers of axles for the Oxford and Cowley cars.
Same year the company name was changed to Morris-Commercial Cars Ltd. and entered the commercial-vehicle market. Commercial was added to the Morris name to distinguish the new trucks from the Cowley-built cars.
Morris-Commercial was the first company to produce a successful 15 cwt military truck for the British Army with the CS8 model.
The old
Wolseley Works in Adderley Park, Birmingham was taken over in 1930, and the range of trucks were expanded. In the early 1950´s the company had entered the BMC empire, formed with the Austin-Morris merger in 1951. From then on the Austin and Morris Commercial trucks began to develop along common lines, and the Morris Commercial name was discontinued from 1956 when the trucks were simply badged Morris.

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