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Mercedes 1213, 4 x 2, 24V, D (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

Picture courtesy of Royal Signals Historical Collection, Fredericia


A Mercedes-Benz 1213 carrying a Single-Side-Band HF 1 kW radio-station known as the M/73. The setup superseded a number of SCR-399 radios carried on GMC CCKW-353 trucks. The M/73 contained 2 CR-302A receivers and 1 each CTD 500 and CTP 1000 transmitter. The setup was powered by a trailer mounted 2 x 7.5 kW generator producing 380 volt A/C.
Besides the shelter-mounted antennas an A367 dipole antenna was used for long range transmissions. It was a horizontally polarized short wave antenna with circular radiation pattern, and intended for transmission as well as reception within the frequency range 1.6 - 25 MHz.
The antenna was made up by a number of copper coated steel wires, suspended horizontally between two masts, 12 meters high. The masts were located 43 metres apart. The antenna was fed via a feeding transformer suspended in the middle section of the antenna. Total weight of the dipole antenna was 181 kg.
This set-up was used by all Signal Battalions from the late 1970s to around year 2000. Some battalions used a
Bedford MJP2 to carry the shelter.

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