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Leopard 1 Wisent ARV Mineplough (Front view, right side)


Front view, right side

Picture courtesy of Martin Pagh. Horsens


2 ea. Leopard 1 Wisent ARV have been adapted (2009) to mount the Pearson Engineering Mineplough which is used to rapidly breach mined obstacles by creating a mine free path for subsequent vehicles to follow. A raking action brings mines to the surface and moves them to each side of the vehicle.
The Full Width Mineplough (FWMP) is capable of breaching a complete lane and can quickly convert to a Track Width Mineplough (TWMP) by removing the centre section.
The mineplough is fitted with internal hydraulic powerpacks, or without if hydraulic power is built into the vehicle.
The mineplough is fitted to the vehicle with a simple mounting system which is common to the Dozer and Surface Clearance Device (SCD).
Cleared lane width (nominal) is 4.20 m (13'10"). Cleared lane depth 175 - 300mm (7 - 12"). Ploughing speed range is between 1 - 15km/h (1 - 10mph) and the weight of the FWMP is 3.600kg (7.940lb).

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