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IVECO (Industrial VEhicles COrporation) was established January 1st 1975, bringing together the commercial vehicle businesses of Fiat, OM and Lancia Veicoli Speciali in Italy, Unic in France and Magirus-Deutz in Germany.
These mergers created the first truly pan European truck manufacturer, with a significant presence across all major European markets.
In 1985 the old national marks were removed from the trucks and replaced by the IVECO mark.
In 1986, a joint venture with
Ford of Britain led to the creation of IVECO Ford Truck in the United Kingdom and, in 1991, the Spanish company Pegaso and UK's Seddon Atkinson joined the Group.
In 1992 IVECO bought the International Trucks Australia Ltd.
In 1997 UK truck production was phased out, and the Langley plant was closed.
At an early stage it was decided that the nature of defense vehicles merited a separate specialized division and IVECO Defense Vehicles Division (DVD) was formed. Based in Bolzano in northern Italy the company designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of military wheeled and tracked vehicles.
In partnership with the renowned Italian armaments manufacture Oto Breda (Alenia Difesa Group), IVECO has developed a range of highly acclaimed armored vehicles. The range includes the 8 X 8 'Centauro' family, the 4 X 4 and 6 X 6 'Puma' reconnaissance and liaison vehicles, the tracked 'Dardo' infantry fighting vehicle and the 'Ariete' main battle tank.
IVECO produces a range of light, medium and heavy military trucks.

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