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The original Humber company took its name from Mr Thomas Humber who, in 1867, laid the foundation of the business. Initial production was bicycles. The first Humber car was made in 1898 - a 3.5 h.p. model known as the Phaeton.
During World War 1 the resources of the company were given over to armaments manufacture (including aero engines), and afterwards it resumed the manufacture of a range of high-class cars.
In 1926 a link was established with commercial vehicle manufacture through the purchase of an organisation in Luton, which then became known as
Commer Cars Ltd.
Throughout World War 2 Humber Ltd. were responsible for many products apart from aero engines. It gained a new reputation making staff cars and armoured cars for the British and Imperial forces.
In December 1954 the British War Dept. presented to it the historic staff car used by Field Marshall Montgomery throughout the North African and Italian campaigns, as testimony to 'the good service rendered by Humber vehicles' during that war.
Humber faded away in the 1970's as the world recession took bite.

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