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Fordīs first American truck was the Ford T derived 1 tonner, launched in 1917. A series of trucks in the 1 to 2 ton range was produced in 1920īs and 1930īs.
The AA 1― ton trucks appeared in 1928. The AA was joined by the BB in 1932, the first Ford commercial truck with the legendary V8 petrol engine. Semi-forward control versions appeared later in the 1930īs.
Many thousand military vehicles, armored cars and tanks were produced during WW II.
Overhead-valve-engines were introduced in 1952, replacing the old side-valve units which were phased out in 1954.
Heavy-duty Fords, up to 24 ton gross weight, were launched in the mid 1950īs. The old forward-control was replaced by the C-range tilt-cab in 1957.
Production of heavy trucks were transferred to a new plant in Louisville, Kentucky in 1965.
Fordīs heavy truck operations were sold to the Freightliner Corporation, which is a subsidiary of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation in 1997. The products were subsequently renamed Sterling.

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