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Danish Army Specific: The third vehicle to be officially licensed in the Danish Army (HtK 3) was a 1912 Ellehammer MC. Another bike was given (!) to the Army in 1914. Used for messenger services and disposed in 1919.
Historical: The Danish Elleham MC was produced by J.C. Ellehammer. From 1904 until 1914 a total of 1045 machines were made.
A factory was set up in Belgium in 1906 to handle production for Belgium, Netherlands and France. Some bikes exported to Britain in 1907.
Early bikes were powered by a Peugeot Fréres or a Zedell engine, later models used own production engines.
Length: N/A.
Width: N/A.
Height: N/A.
Weight: N/A.
: 1-cylinder.
Horsepower: 2.75.
Transmission: N/A.
Transfer case: N/A.
Electrical system: N/A.
Brakes: N/A.
Tyres: N/A.
Fuel type: Petrol.
Fuel capacity: N/A.
Range: N/A.
Crew: 1.
Additional: N/A.

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