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Over the years the Danish army have been donating vehicles to other armed forces. Some examples are mentioned below.

In late 1994 125 Willys M38A1 and a number of Dodge W300M and IVECO-Magirus 90M6FL, a total of approx. 300 vehicles, were given as aid to the Baltic countries.

In the late 1990s a number of Magirus-Deutz Jupiter were given as aid to the Baltic countries.
An ex-Danish Jupiter after delivery in Vilnius
  An ex-Danish Jupiter after delivery in Vilnius

Picture courtesy of Fly-nyt

In 2001 Estonia received 80 Magirus-Deutz 178D15AL trucks as aid.
In 2002 some 80 Unimog 416 and 23 Unimog 404 trucks were donated to Lithuania as aid. The joint Baltic Battalion received command and control vehicles (probably Mercedes-Benz 911) and a VW Golf.
Also in 2002 Lithuania received 27 Unimog 416, 41 Magirus-Deutz 178 D15AL and 47 Landrovers as part of a donation of artillery-equipment.
In May 2004 further 131 Unimog 416 were shipped to Latvia (73 vehicles) and Lithuania (58 vehicles). A few months earlier 94 trucks were shipped to Estonia.

Apparently also a number of MAN 8.136 and Mercedes-Benz 1413/42 trucks were send to Lithuania. The truck shown to the left was discovered by Shaun Conners, and the 1413/42 by Finn V. Clausen.

An ex-Danish MAN 8.136 in Lithuania

Picture courtesy of Shaun Conners
An ex-Danish Mercedes-Benz 1413/42 in Lithuania

Picture courtesy of Finn Clausen, Abild

In late 2005 a decision to donate some 100 MAN 8.136 to the Iraqi security forces were made. Before shipping to Iraq, the vehicles were repaired and prepared for desert operations. The latter took place at MAN Last & Bus in Kolding. Besides the vehicles, spare parts to a value of 1 mill. DKr. were delivered.
Shipping took place from Aarhus 2nd of May 2006 and the ship are scheduled to arrive the port of Um Qasar late May/early June. The Danish forces in Iraq will take care of the hand over to the Iraqi 10th Division.
The donation, including transport from Denmark to Iraq, had a value of 9 mill. DKr.

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