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Bedford OY, 4 x 2, 12 V (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

Picture courtesy of Fin Kløve Lassen, Vallensbæk Str.


Danish Army specific: The tankers shown was used by the Danish Brigade, which was stationed in Germany after WW II. Apparently the truck to left is a water tanker and the one to the right a petrol tanker.
Historical: The OYC was supplied in chassis-cab form for other manufacturers to supply the body. Water tankers were almost exclusively produced by Butterfields, and petrol tanker by, among others, Butterfields and Aluminium Plant & Vessel.
Early models of the water tanker had hand-operated pumps - later version were fitted with a 1.000 gallon/hour power operated pump. Duplicate sets of filtering equipment were stored, with the delivery hoses, in a locker at the rear of the tank. The truck could be disguised as a GS truck by fitting a canvas tilt. Approximately 2.000 vehicles produced.
The fuel tanker had a fire-screen fitted behind the cab, and the exhaust was re-routed to avoid hot gasses coming into contact with petrol vapour from the load. The body had two compartments and was fitted with a hand-operated pump and 2 delivery hoses. Approximately 4.200 vehicles produced.
The water tanker carried 2.275 liters (500 gallons) and the petrol tanker carried 3.640 liters (800 gallons).

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