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VW M181, 4 x 2, 12V/24V (Front view, right side)


Front view, right side

Picture courtesy of Royal Signals Historical Collection


Danish Army Specific: The M181 ("Jagdwagen") was used in the Danish Army in large quantities from the mid 70´s to the late 80´s. The first contract regarding acquisition of 170 vehicles were signed in November 1973. 40 vehicles were delivered in 1974 and 130 in 1975.
Primary role was as liaison-vehicle. A rear mounted basket carried the camouflage netting. The VW M181 was superseded by the
Mercedes GD.
: The VW 181 was originally built as a stop-gap measure while the German Federal Army (Bundeswehr) was waiting for anything to come out of the joint French/West-German/Italian "Europa Jeep" project (a half-ton 4x4 amphibious vehicle) started in the 1960s.
In 1969 Volkswagen started production of the VW 181 which was largely based on commercial VW vehicles to keep development and production costs down. This resulted in what was in effect a contemporary version of the WW II type 82. The engine initially developed 44 hp, but was up-rated in 1973/74 along with other minor changes.
In 1976, after the "Europa-Jeep" project was cancelled, VW designed and built the VW 183 Iltis to fulfil the need for a half-ton 4x4 vehicle.
When production seized in 1979 more than 15.000 vehicles had been delivered to the German armed forces.
Other known users are Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey.
Length: 3.82 m (149 inches).
Width: 1.64 m (64 inches).
Height: 1.62 m (63 inches).
Weight: 1.395 kg (3.069 lb.).
: 4-cylinder boxer, 1.584 cm3 (96 cubic inches) displacement.
Horsepower: 48 at 3.800 rpm.
Transmission: 4-speed.
Transfer case: None.
Electrical system: 12/24 volt, negative ground.
Brakes: Hydraulic.
Tyres: 185SR/14.
Fording depth:
without preparation: 0.396 m (15 inches).
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Petrol.
Fuel capacity: 40 liter (9 gallons).
Range: 200 km (125 miles).
Crew: 1 + 2 (3).
Additional: Acquisition price in 1975 was around 38.000,- DKr. Read more about the M181 in general at Hanno´s
VW 181 Facts and Figures-page.

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