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Unimog U2150L/38, 4 x 4, 24 V, D (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

Picture courtesy of Henrik Clausen, Copenhagen


Danish Army Specific: The Unimog U2150L/38 is delivered for transport of the artillery locating radar ARTHUR.
"ARTHUR" is a mobile, stand-alone weapon locating and artillery fire control radar. ARTHUR is designed to be operated in severe
ECM environments, and uses a phased array antenna with techniques to suppress clutter and bird echoes. ARTHUR automatically detects shells from mortars, tube- and rocket artillery. The exact weapon position of the artillery is determined from measured ballistic data which is also used to estimate the impact area of both incoming and outgoing shells. Positioning of the system will be made by GPS and digitised maps. Data from the radar is automatically transmitted to a combat centre through an integrated command, control, communication and information (C3I) system, where the information is further evaluated and in hostile situations used to direct counter-battery fire.
The radar is effective from 3 to 40 kilometres. Its capable of targeting 8 targets simultaneously and tracks up to 100 targets per minute.
The system, of which 6 were acquired, was officially handed over on May 9th 2000 at a ceremony at the Oksboel Training Area.
Due to 2 accidents the system has been transferred to the
MAN 27.314 6 x 6 truck.
At least two of the redundant trucks are used by the EOD teams.
: -
: 6.91 m (269 inches).
Width: 2.42 m (94 inches).
Height: 3.80 m (148 inches).
Weight: 13.000 kg (28.600 lb.).
: MB 6-cylinder, type OM366 LA.II/6 EURO II,
5958 cm3 (363 cubic inches) displacement, turbo charged, inter cooler, liquid cooled.
Horsepower: 211 at 2.400 rpm.
Transmission: MB 8-speed gearbox with integrated front wheel drive (4WD). Reverse driving possible in all 8 speeds.
Transfer case: None.
Electrical system: 24 volt, negative ground.
Brakes: Air-over-hydraulic.
Tyres: 365/85 - R20.
Fording depth:
without preparation: N/A.
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Diesel.
Fuel capacity: 160 liter (35 gallons).
Range: 375 km (234 miles).
Crew: 1 + 1.
Additional: Differential locks front and rear.
Unimog U2150/38 EOD vehicle (70 kb)
Unimog U2150/38 w/container (130 kb)

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