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Toyota VX 100, 4 x 4, D (Front view, right side)


Front view, right side

Picture courtesy of Benny Schmidt, Skaerbaek

Danish Army Specific: N/A.
: In January of 1998, the 80-series underwent a model change and re-emerged as the Land Cruiser 100. With the development of the Land Cruiser 100, Toyota created a 4WD with improved on-road performance, without sacrificing its traditional off-road abilities. With double wishbone suspension and rack and pinion steering, the Land Cruiser 100 was designed to feel more like a passenger car than its heavy-duty predecessors. To improve riding comfort and steering stability, hydraulic vehicle height adjustment and dynamic suspension control were added as options, aiming at improved performance on paved roads.
Though the Land Cruiser 100 continues to evolve as a passenger car, there are still users overseas who drive it off-road. To meet these needs, such as in Australia and other rugged environments, Toyota has created a Land Cruiser 105-series with rigid coil springs in the suspension.
Length: 4.89 m (190 inches).
Width: 1.94 m (75 inches).
Height: 1.92 n (74 inches).
Weight: 4.500 kg (9.900 lb.).
: Own 6-cylinder, type 1HD-FTE, 4.164 cm3 (254 cubic inches) displacement, turbo charged, inter cooler.
Horsepower: 205.
Transmission: 5-speed.
Transfer case: N/A.
Electrical system: 12 V, negative ground.
Brakes: Hydraulic.
Tyres: 275/60 - R18.
Fording depth:
without preparation: N/A.
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Diesel.
Fuel capacity: 96 liter (21 gallons).
Range: 250 km (156 miles).
Crew: 1 + 6.
Additional: Run-flat tyres are standard. The cabin are armoured with A-500 plates. Fuel tank and battery are protected with armoured plates. Power-steering.
Some of the delivered vehicles have a
Warn winch (120 kb) in a re-inforced bumper.

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