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Morris-Commercial C4, 4 x 2 (Side view, left side)


Side view, left side

Picture courtesy of Royal Danish Military Library, Copenhagen


Danish Army Specific: Delivered by the British forces in Germany just after WW II.
: The C4 was introduced as a successor to the CS8 in 1942 and was produced until 1944. The C4 was essentially the same truck as the CS8, but it had a 4-cylinder engine. and was fitted with a full windscreen and metal doors like the late CS8's.
The Mk II arrived in November 1943, the only difference being that the back axle had been moved rearwards to increase the wheel base. This was done to be able to mount the various "standard" War Office bodies and to obtain better weight distribution. Other dimensions were unchanged.
Besides the GS version a house-type bodied version with a No. 9 wireless set were produced.
The CS8 and C4's were eventually replaced by the 4-cylinder
C8 Quad model that began production in November 1944.
Note the spare wheel mounted between the cab and rear.
Length: 4.39 m (173 inches).
Width: 2.03 m (80 inches).
Height: 1.98 m (78 inches).
Weight: 2.821 kg (6.270 lb.) net.
: Own 4-cylinder, type EH, 3.519 cm3 (214 cubic inches) displacement, liquid cooled.
Horsepower: 70 at 3.000 rpm.
Transmission: 4-speed gearbox.
Transfer case: None.
Electrical system: N/A.
Brakes: Hydraulic.
Tyres: 9.00 - 16.
Fording depth:
without preparation: N/A.
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Petrol.
Fuel capacity: N/A.
Range: N/A.
Crew: N/A.
Additional: N/A.

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