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MAN 27.314, 6 x 6, 24V, D (Side view, left side)


Sider view, left side.

Own picture


A contract worth 226 mill. DKr was placed at the French company SAGEM in February 1999. The contract included 2 UAV-platoons, consisting of 4 planes, 3 Ground Control Stations (GCS), 3 Remote Communication Terminals (RCT) and 1 mobile launcher (shown). Furthermore Transportation Recovery System trucks (TRS) and maintenance and utility trucks have been purchased.
The plane has a ordinary camera and a infra-red camera placed under the nose and are capable of transmitting live video pictures back to the GCS in a distance of up to 180 km. The plane is prepared for mounting of a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) which makes it possible to look through clouds, fog, etc.
First deliverance of this system took place in summer 2001, and the second part was handed over September 6th. 2002.
One platoon is foreseen to be in operational command of the Danish Division, and the other can be placed in command of Multi National Corps North East or the Danish Army Operational Command.
Other users of the system is the French and Dutch Army. An earlier version is used in Sweden, known as "Owl"
The plane is called "Sperwer" by the French company and the Danish nickname is "Kestrel".

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