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M41 DK1 (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

Picture courtesy of Henrik Clausen, Copenhagen


Here the DK1 version of the M41. The turret modification is clearly visible. The old gasoline engine was replaced by a new turbo-charged diesel powerpack (Cummins VTA-903TR developing 465 hp at 2.800 rpm). The 76 mm gun remained, but a new type of high performance anti-tank round (APFSDS from AAI International) was bought.
Other improvements includes an
NBC system, thermal night vision system (Jahn Anderson) with integrated laser rangefinder (Ericsson Radio Systems), night vision periscope (Texas Instruments) as well as Halogen searchlight mounted on the gun mantlet. The fire control system was made by AEG Telefunken using American, Danish and German components.
Wegmann smoke dischargers were added to the turret. Fire suppression is handled by a system from Graviner (Firewire).
Note the Leopard 1-like side skirt.
Fuel capacity was increased to 930 liters (204 gallons) and range to 750 km (468 miles).
17 tanks were cannibalized in 1997 to keep the remaining 36 tanks running.
The M41 DK1 was demobbed in 1998 - 1999. One went to the Armor Museum at the Army Combat School in Oksboel Base Training Area, some are used for target practice and the remainder have been scrapped.

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