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M113A2 Mk I DK (Front view, right side)


Front view, right side

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Build 1989 - 1993 by E. Falck Schmidt in Odense, and implemented 1992, the M113A2 is armed with a 25 mm Oerlikon-Contraves machine-cannon ranging up to 1.500 m and a German 7.62 mm machine-gun mounted co-axially. The 25 mm Oerlikon-gun has a firing-rate of approx. 600 rounds a minute. The guns are mounted in an Italian Oto Melara turret. The M113A2 does also have a thermal sight produced by Zeiss. It is used in armoured infantry companies - each company having 2 M113A2s. 50 units were ordered.
Main differences between A1 and A2 is a more powerful turbo-charged engine (Detroit Diesel, 6V53T developing 265 hp at 2.800 rpm), improved suspension and improved cooling- and heating-system.
When implemented at the
IFOR/SFOR forces in the former Yugoslavia, 6 M113A2s were retrofitted with "add-on armour". The body is protected with the FMC armoured plates, "spall liner" and "belly armour", the fuel-tanks are filled with "safety foam balls" and the turret with a Danish kit consisting of ceramic and armoured plates developed by E. Falck Schmidt and Roulund in Odense. The M113A2 can resist fire from weapons up to 14.5 mm at at range down to 100 m.
The M113A2 was nick-named "Wildcat" in the first stages of the project, but due to copyright-problems, it was never officially adopted.
The project was worth 357 mil. DKr (1987).
With the Defence Agreement 2005 - 2009 made in 2004, it was decided that the M113A2 no longer would be a part of the inventory of the Danish Army. A few have been rebuild as fire fighting vehicles to supersede the ageing
M113A1 fire fighting vehicles.

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