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M109 A3 (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

Picture courtesy of Henrik Clausen, Copenhagen


Here a M109 brought up to M109A3 standard. The modification increased effective range to 18 - 24 km pending on type of ammo.

Around 2002/2003 the howitzers were upgraded with SIFCOM,
a Gun Guidance system for a battery of Guns.
Using secure military wireless networks, Java and touch sensitive screens, the artillery is now capable of sharing intelligence, performing ballistic calculations, and co-ordinating activities using digital data exchanges.
Terma A/S has provided the ability to exchange information between Artillery Guns and the Fire Direction Centers of a Battery, including the ability to exchange data with the meteorological station of the battalion. The communication is based on military wireless network, using standard Internet Protocol addressing and can run on a normal network, as well.
The communication system is based on a military modem standard, using the army standard Combat Net Radio and a commercially available modem. The project also included the integration of a NATO ballistic calculation program and development of a management application, including the user interface for the guns. The military computer offers full military specifications and a touch sensitive screen, which enables the user to operate it inside the gun vehicle.

As of 2010 only a small number of howitzers are kept operational, in order to keep the expertise within the army.

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