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Leopard 2A5DK (Rear view, left side)


Rear view, left side

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The 29th of June 2000 the Danish Army Command signed a contract with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, concerning the upgrade of 51 Leopard 2 A4 to Leopard 2 A5 DK standard. The project is worth 980 mill. DKr. The tanks will be distributed to 1. Brigade.
The A5 are expected to be operative until 2025.

The first A5 was handed over to the Army Material Command on the 24th of September 2002.

It was the wish of the units that the new Leopard 2 A5 DK should be of the standard of
Leopard 1 A5 DK (SFOR). The configuration are based on the German/Dutch "Mannheimer-configuration" and the improvements made on the Swedish S 122.
The upgraded Leopard 2 A5 DK will be equal to the German/Dutch Leopard 2 A5 with the specific purpose of being able to share training, logistical and technical expertise with other users of Leopard 2 A5.
The upgrade has increased Gross Vehicle Weight to some 65.000 kg.

The Danish Leopard 2 A5 will have more improvements than the German/Dutch tanks, and will use the improvements made with the Leopard 1 A5 DK (SFOR).

Key elements of the upgrade are:
- Primarily an improvement of the passive protection of the crew and the tank.
- Secondly an improvement of the
TCs working environment and his possibilities of using the tank in different circumstances.
- Technical upgrading as required when adding/replacing armour.
- Arrangements to ensure future upgrading of the tank.
- Other improvements.

Passive protection:
- The Leopard 2 A4 configuration with the main and secondary sights are closed with new armour-modules. The gun mantel are made narrower to make room for the armoured modules which are placed on the front of the turret and the forward part of the sides of the turret.
- On the hull the existing composite armour are replaced with improved composite armour and additional armour are placed on the front. The skirts are replaced with a new type. The drivers hatch are replaced with a new hatch which will be somewhat heavier. The new type of hatch will be a slide-type of hatch.
The bearings of the road wheels will be of a new type witch are armoured.
On the inside both turret and hull will be fitted with spall-liners to protect against fragments. The protection of the hull differs from the Mannheimer-configuration where there are no replacements of the armour in the hull. This is manly due to the late batch of hulls where the protection is somewhat better than the hulls of the Danish Leopard 2 A4.

Further improvements:
- Due to the increased weight of the turret and the lessons learnt during the Golf War the Leopard 2 A5 DK are fitted with a 100% electrical system for turning the turret, stabilising the gun etc. The system is capable of supporting a latter upgrade of the gun to 120 mm L55 or a 140 mm gun, and an additional armour on the top of the turret.
- The angulated head of the gunners primary sight will be moved on to the top of the turret. The TC will be able to see the gunners sight on a monitor through the Charge-Coupled-Device (CCD). The secondary sight of the gunner will be moved as to make it possible to put additional armour on the front of the turret, as mention above.
- The commanders sight are moved to the rear of his cupola and will be fitted with stabilised sight with both daylight and thermal sights. The sights will be delivered by Elop Electro-Optics Industries, a subsidiary to Elbit Systems Israel. The contract is worth $3 million and runs over a period of two years.
- The weight of the tank will increase to around 61 tons (MLC 70) instead of the 55 tons (MLC 60).
- The tank will be fitted with an hybrid-navigational system based on the GPS-system, backed up by an inertial navigational system. The system will be prepared for future identification systems.
- On the rear of the tank a camera will be mounted, witch will enable the driver to back up without the aid of the TC (only in daylight or twilight).
- The cooling air of the engine are re-routed so as to ensure a further low thermal signature with no cooling are to be wended to the sides only in the back of the tank.
- Furthermore the vehicle will be fitted with an electrical generator to help keeping the cooling system (air-condition and turret) with electricity. Also this will enable the tank to be fitted with some kind of battlefield management system in the future.
- As mention above the tank will have an air-conditioning system, and an explosion suppression system. The engine compartment will be protected a fully automated system to protect against napalm.
- The fuel tanks are protected against explosions as with the Leopard 1 A5 DK (SFOR).

The upgrading will take place in Munich (hull) and Kassel (turret).

As of 2010 the number of operational Leopard 2A5 have been decreased to 34 (2 operational squadrons and 1 in reserve).

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