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Leopard 1 Wisent ARV (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

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Here shown is a Leopard 1 Wisent ARV. The Wisent is a mid-life up-dated Leopard 1 ARV with 1000 hp engine, 30 tons crane and other improvements. Amongst them are a engine Tropical Kit, add-on armour and air conditioning. The main winch can pull with up to 35 ton, and the crane is capable of a 30 ton lift. Besides the main winch a auxiliary winch is mounted to help to operate a "Combat Recovery System", which makes is possible to collect a disabled Leopard 2 with leaving the ARV.
A spare power pack can be carried at a platform at the rear of the vehicle.

It's used to support the Danish Leopard 2 operating in the Helmand province.

With implementation of the Leopard 2, a need for a more powerful ARV became urgent. At first the Danish Army opted for the Bergepanzer 3 (BPz3) Büffel, but it soon became clear that funding was not at hand. They then turned to the German Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft and the Wisent.
A contract was signed in December 2006, and a demonstrator delivered to the Army Combat School the 19th of March 2007. The Wisent was then trialled until mid-June same year. A
preliminary report was shipped to Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) and the Army Operational Command on the 6th of July, which on their side concluded that the Wisent would fulfil most tasks connected to servicing the Leopard 2A5.
A total of 5 ARV´s have been acquired with the last delivered in February 2008.

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