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In 1838, Joseph Anton von Maffei founded the first locomotive factory in Munich. The take-over of the J.A. Maffei company by Krauss & Company in 1931 created Krauss-Maffei AG with company headquarters in Munich-Allach. The first military products were developed in the 1930s. Amongst other equipment, the company delivered more than 6,000 half-track trucks.

In 1963, the German Ministry of Defence selected Krauss-Maffei as prime contractor for series production of the
LEOPARD 1 main battle tank which was later followed by the GEPARD self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and the LEOPARD 2 main battle tank.

Wegmann & Co. was established in Kassel in 1882 as a rolling stock and vehicle manufacturer. Its defence technology tradition started in 1917 with the prototype construction of the "K-Wagen" tank. In 1957, Wegmann started development and manufacture of complete turret systems for the LEOPARD 1, GEPARD and LEOPARD 2 as well as complete artillery systems.

Since the merger between Krauss-Maffei and Wegmann in 1999, the new Company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) continues its business activities in Munich and Kassel.

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