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GMC CCKW-353, 6 x 6, 6 V (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

Picture courtesy of Knud E. Hansen, Herning via Ole Willumsen


Also the GMC CCKW-353 compressor truck was used by the Danish engineers.

This version was developed from a GMC AFK-352 4 x 4 version which proved to be underpowered and top heavy. Late 1941 a LeRoi compressor unit was removed from its 4 x 4 chassis and mounted on a GMC CCKW-353 chassis. It proved superior to the 4 x 4 version and it went into mass production in February 1942 The first order included 1038 units.

The compressor selected was LeRoi´s 105GA model driven by its own LeRoi D314 4-cylinder 5.215 cm3 (318 cubic inches) petrol engine. The compressor itself was a 3-cylinder, two-stage air-cooled unit with an intercooler capable of 105 cfm at 100 PSI. The engine was joined to the compressor via a clutch
The storage boxes either side of the compressor held a wide variety of tools including, on the right hand side, a jackhammer, rock drill and grease gun. On the left hand side a Reed-Prentice chainsaw and a Skilsaw circular saw was present.

Few changes was made during a production run that led to a total of over 8.200 units being produced. The only major change was introduced in 1942 and saw the closed cap replaced by the standard military open cap developed by Studebaker.
In 1944 the fitting of a front mounted winch driven by a power-take-of became standard. The chassis was virtually the same as for the standard 2½ T cargo truck, except that the spare wheel carrier had been relocated from underneath to a position on the left hand side.

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