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Elevated TOW system (ETS) mounted on M113 APC   Elevated TOW system (ETS) firing a rocket

Front view, right side

Picture courtesy of Søren Rasch, Oksboel

  Side view, left side

Picture courtesy of
Fa. Falck Schmidt, Odense

E.Falck Schmidt A/S, of Denmark, and Delco Defense Systems Operations, of the US, teamed up on the project in 1998, that will be available on a wide range of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. The system was developed under the auspices of the Danish army and the first examples have been mounted on M113 tracked armored vehicles.
These vehicles were recently successfully demonstrated at the Borris Base Training Area in Denmark to Danish army chiefs, armor branch experts and other invited guests. This system is now undergoing fit-for-use trials by the Danish forces to determine if it can be formally adopted into service.
The Elevated TOW System (ETS) is a
TOW weapon system, with a 2- or 4-tube launcher, and an elevated mast extending up to 6.5 meters above the ground. TOW-missiles can be launched from any position. This allows the system to operate, when deployed, maximizing the use of the terrain and other structures. The ETS enables the use of the full range of the TOW missile (including TOW-2A and TOW-2B).
While the vehicle is moving, ETS can be operated (locate targets, tracks targets and observe the battlefield). Once the vehicle has come to a complete stop, the TOW missile can be immediately fired. 4 missiles are ready to fire and 16 are stowed (in M113 vehicle). Reload time (under amour) 60 seconds.
Six hours of continuos operations are available independent of the engine. The mast can be elevated into firing position, ready for action in 10 seconds.
The ETS uses a stabilized gun/sight system with laser range finder and 2nd generation Gunner´s thermal sight with narrow and wide fields of view.
The crew consists of commander, operator and driver.
Options are Wide field-of view for battlefield observation, independent 360 degree low light television, datalink for battlefield data and targets, video recordings, integrated Command & Control system,
GPS/magnetic compass navigation etc.
The vehicle are C-130 transportable.
The turret can be integrated on Mowag
Piranha, Warrior, M113 and other chassis.

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