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Bedford MW, 4 x 2, 12 V (Front view, right side)


Front view, right side

Picture courtesy of Royal Signals Historical Collection, Fredericia


Here shown a version with a "Insulated Signals Shell Body, Type E, Mk 3". This standard body was made during WW II and continued thereafter, when, in the Royal Air Force, it was usually mounted on the Austin K9 1-tonner. The body shell was of timber construction. Sides, end and doors were panelled with sheet aluminium and lined internally with hardwood. The roof was panelled with steel sheets and lined internally with hardwood. Insulating material was packed between all inner linings and outer panel. The timber floor was covered with linoleum.
The Danish trucks were acquired from Great Britain after WW II, and soldiered on through the 1950s. The radio carried in the shelter was known as the SMH. Same set-up was mounted on
Guy Ant trucks.

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